Astonish Email

Without a shadow of a doubt, our loyal and devoted team is our greatest asset. We’re all individuals, uniting together over a common goal – Empowering UK businesses to grow relationships through email marketing.


Adam Knight (aka Big Adam) 32 years old
Co Founder & Tea Boy

Adam has worked in digital marketing for over 15 years, creating Astonish Marketing in 2009 and going on to develop Astonish Email in February 2012. He has vast experience in marketing communications, web development.

Adam can typically be found attached to a Mac or any other geeky gadget or gizmo. He loves playing his guitar, spending time with his three young daughters and his favourite movie of all time is Pulp Fiction (although it depends on the mood – sometimes it’s Star Wars, the original.)

Adam is also a keen photographer, a big fan of The Chimp Paradox by Dr Steve Peters and is passionate about supporting and guiding young people in defining success and achieving their goals.

: my family, building cool things, trying new things, Chinese food, Indian food, Thai food, Italian food, cinema, music, computer games, comic books, swimming, cycling, running, Triathlon!

: bullies, intolerance, small mindedness, lack of sleep, mushrooms, any mushy food (hurl...)!

Adam Lovelock (aka Little Adam) 30 years old
Co Founder & Master of Marketing

Adam is a UK small business champion, a key driver in the creation of Astonish Email. Adam’s specialities include marketing communications, digital marketing, social media and business development.

Adam loves maintaining super fitness levels, horsing around with friends and family, spending time with new wife, Crystal (all the way from the land of Oz) and entertaining his young son, Charlie.

: family, friends, sunshine, Arsenal, spicy food and whisky

: lateness, rudeness, tallness and small person discrimination

Luke Pearce
Technical Architect & Spiritual Guru

Luke has always been interested in computers ever since his parents bought him a Commodore Vic 20 for his 8th birthday! A proud computer geek with an interest in people, places and action sports!

Luke’s key skills lie in web and software development. We’re immensely proud of the blood, sweat and tears that have gone into developing the entire Astonish system – from scratch.

Luke is our rock. He does a superb job of keeping it real with his particularly calming influence around Astonish HQ. Along with meditation and yoga Luke also practices Reiki, an old Japanese laying of the hands technique for healing.

Luke adores his two dogs, Poppy and Jakes and he loves nothing more than a stroll by the seaside with his two canine companions.

: snowboarding, mountains, beaches, walking with my dogs and... yum... rhubarb crumble

: being woken up, missing breakfast, queuing, rushing and... yuck... Brussels sprouts

Caroline Roodhouse
Creative Copywriter & Carefree Cook

Caroline is an expert at finding just the right words to bring a page to life. A creative copywriter focused on using the power of compelling content to grow beautiful relationships. Having spent time working within large corporates as well as fresh young start-ups in industries spanning finance, security and hospitality, Caroline has developed a thoroughly well rounded blend of commercial marketing knowledge along with a healthy passion for organisation, Caroline also keeps things happily ticking along like clockwork at Astonish HQ.

Caroline is at her happiest when she’s whipping up a storm in the kitchen and having recently developed an addiction to the series 24, loves nothing more than a homemade bowl of Thai curry and a hit of Jack Bauer. And if Caroline could be anyone in the world, it would be Alice from Luther.

: my daughter, warm sunny days, travelling the world, making progress, all things Italian and rum. And cheese, every single variety!

: creepy crawlies, coriander and being cold. And waiting, for anything. Grrr.