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Control your brand. Energise your network. Thrill your customers.

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3 Words: Peace Of Mind.


Control your branding, guarantee consistency and professionalism

Wonky logos, odd imagery and mismatched fonts are a thing of the past. Create, populate and lock-down professional looking templates, sticking to brand guidelines and eradicating the risk of poor quality communications throughout your network.

Email Marketing = Astonishing ROI

Franchisor dashboard allows you to monitor results and maintain control

With your master login you can keep track of marketing activity amongst your franchisees, monitoring the results achieved using our sophisticated tracking system and discovering which messages works best for your business.

Create in minutes not hours

Delight franchisees by providing a simple, business building tool

Very few franchisors offer a simple and easy marketing solution that puts them ahead of the competition. You can be confident you’re providing valuable and easy-to-use services, to help attract new franchisees and keep existing ones delighted.

No need for a Techie

Provide regular marketing messages to be used throughout your network

Astonish offers an invaluable opportunity to share key brand messages with end users, enhancing the services offered by your franchisees and reinforcing the power of your brand.


Flexible systems and payment options to
integrate into your franchise network

Payment options allow choice and flexibility, putting you in control. Provide Astonish as standard to your franchisees or leave them to decide for themselves, individually paying direct.

Easy to use. Save time. Generates business.

Join the thousands of brilliant businesses that use email marketing to promote their businesses.

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Why email marketing?

Return on investment

A whopping 68% of businesses who use email marketing rate it as good or excellent for return on investment.*

Keep leads warm
Keep leads warm

As well as a remarkable direct sales tool sending newsletters to leads is a great way of staying at the front of their mind, showing your expertise and sharing case studies showing the benefits of them choosing you.

Ready to go
Reach active buyers

90% of consumers check their email every day, and 66% have made a purchase or a product or service directly from an email. It is hard to find another marketing activity where you can reach people who are ready to go.*

Boost clicks
Track your results immediately

A powerful benefit of email marketing unlike almost every other marketing activity, the moment you send your email newsletter you can see who has opened or clicked it! See in real time who is engaging with your emails.

More happy small business owners!!

Tommy Gentleman saves time Email Marketing with Astonish Email Tommy Gentleman saves time Email Marketing with Astonish Email

Tommy Gentleman
Owner, Reasons Fitness

"For me, sending emails with the Astonish Email system is a really powerful way to connect with our customers."

Katrina Squires uses Astonish Email to see how her marketing is performing Katrina Squires uses Astonish Email to see how her marketing is performing

Katrina Squires
Owner, Code Image Consultancy

"The Astonish Email system is brilliant, it lets me send an email and then see who's engaging with it as it's happening!"

Ross Murphy saves time Email Marketing with Astonish Email Ross Murphy saves time Email Marketing with Astonish Email

Ross Murphy
Owner, Fresh Restaurant Marketing

"We've been using the Astonish Email system for a year it has made a huge difference to our sales."

Build Relationships

Keep in touch with the people who matter

Contacts PLUS Communication EQUALS LOVE!

70% of people ‘always’ open emails from their favorite brands and companies. Referrals and word of mouth business is the best! It will only ever come from your customers and contacts (yes the ones 90% of businesses ignore!). It is so easy to drop them an email each month reminding them who you are and why they choose you, it’s almost criminal not to!*

Customer engagement a sad statistic

Incredibly only 10% of UK small businesses regularly keep in touch with their customers and contacts. Seize the day and join this tribe of ambitious businesses who know how important their customers are and the huge benefits being closer to them brings.**

Ladies win!

Businesses run by women are better at communicating (who would have thought) but there is still a lot of room for improvement!

The great thing about being able to send emails to your customers and contacts who have opted in to receiving them is that, by giving you their email address they EXPECT to hear from you. This gives you the opportunity to whisper your message to people that want to hear it, rather than shouting sales messages in to the void.

Be social!

Be Social

Easily add links to your social media profiles, making it simple for your contacts to follow you. Satisfied customers that also follow you are more likely to share your updates and put you in front of a much larger audience.

Genuinely ultra easy to use

We know that's what everyone like us says...

...but we have actual real people like you who are running small businesses who agree!

Are you tired of software that looks like a chimp should be able to use it? But you’re struggling, even with your opposable thumbs?

Build it and they will come!

Simple Email Builder, create great looking emails in minutes.

Create professional emails in minutes with no design skills or expertise required! We’ve done all the coding so you don’t have to.

You can effortlessly add text and images to your emails, this gives you more time to share your knowledge and engage your contacts.

Simply add data & manage your contacts


One of our most loved parts of the system is the ability to copy and paste your contact data from your spreadsheet straight in to the system without having to figure out a)what a .csv file is, or b) arranging your data to fit a template.

We’re only a click away and always happy to help. We automatically de-duplicate your contacts when adding new ones, saving even more time! You can also download your contacts at anytime with a single click.

Mobile & Tablet friendly

Responsive baby!

Just over 50% of all email is read on a phone or tablet. Which is cool because our emails look great on all of them. We use the Litmus email testing app to ensure our emails look just like you want them too in all email clients and operating systems.***

Build it and they will come!

Send from anywhere, any time.

Yes, it’s a time machine too! You can set your emails to be delivered at any time and date in the future. So you can be on the train, on the beach or even on the school run while your email is being delivered.

Responsive baby!

UK based support

Astonish Email was designed and developed for UK businesses. It is ultra-easy to use, but if you need help, you should be able to talk to a human. We are here for you when you need us, so no more waiting for our American friends to wake up or getting lost in translation with outsourced call centres!

Keep leads warm
Send with Confidence

With one click you can see what it looks like in your browser, and for added peace of mind you can also send a copy to your email address.

Keep leads warm
Personalise to boost clicks!

The latest research confirms what we have been seeing and advising for years. If you personalize your email it can boost the amount of people clicking your emails by 14%.*

Keep leads warm
Unsubscribes Handled

Manually opting your contacts out of your list(s) can be a real hassle. So we take care of this for you automatically!

If you've made it this far congratulations!

Keep leads warm

We don't have much left to say but if you have any questions, please get in touch!

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