The talkhealth Bladder Survey; Exciting Psoriasis Events; Our Big Birthday Bake & more!

This month we're working with The Manchester Centre for Dermatology Research at Manchester University to help raise awareness for psoriasis - read below for more information on some of the exciting events they're organising.

Talking of psoriasis, we're delighted to introduce our newest blogger, Jo Jenkins, who brings with her 30 years' experience of living with this unpleasant condition. We're sure you'll find her first blog on the benefits of mindfulness for psoriasis interesting.

And keep reading for an update on how we did in our fundraising efforts for the British Skin Foundation's Big Birthday Bake as well as information on our survey of the month (which this month is all about bladder issues). As usual, you can find all our freebies available to win below as well.

Have a fabulous June!

the talkhealth team

Take part in our bladder survey.

Survey of the Month: How Often Do You Go?

It has been estimated that somewhere between 3 million and 6 million people in the UK suffer from urinary incontinence (the accidental passing of urine) in one form or another.

You can help us learn more about urinary incontinence and have a chance of winning 1 of 100 hand sanitisers by taking part in our survey.

Click to take part in our knee pain survey.

Trial a new treatment for knee pain.

Don't Let Pain Bring You to Your Knees

Don't let pain bring you to your knees, trial a new treatment for knee pain.

Click here to take part.

Psoriasis blogger Jo Jenkins

Jo's talkhealth blogger profile!

New Blogger: Jo Jenkins

Jo Jenkins, our latest specialist psoriasis blogger, is a Clinical Psychologist who has suffered with psoriasis for over 30 years.

Read Jo's first blog all about mindfulness for psoriasis,

In her first blog for talkhealth Jo talks about the importance of enjoying moments as they happen and not allowing the constant interruptions most of us have to deal with in our busy lives to distract us from what really matters.

Jo also shares some interesting research from Manchester University on using mindfulness in the treatment of psoriasis.

Our Surcare product trial

Register your interest in this research opportunity

Surcare Product Trial

Surcare is a range of non-biological laundry products & washing up liquid that are formulated with no enzymes, dyes, acids or perfumes that can trigger reactions for people with skin conditions like eczema. Join our product trial to receive and test one month’s supply of Surcare, and the chance of winning 1 of 3 x £50 John Lewis vouchers.

talkhealth's article on the latest abortion figures

Read our article on DoH's 2015 abortion figures

Department of Health Releases Abortion Figures for 2015

The rate of reported abortions for 2015 stayed fairly consistent. With a total of 185,824 it is a 0.7% increase on 2014 statistics.

Read all about the interesting results from the Department of Health release of abortion figures for 2015.

Data was also collected on the numbers of repeat abortions (those carried out for women who have had more than one abortion), so-called Ground E abortions (those carried out on the grounds that there is a significant risk of the child being born ‘seriously handicapped’), and more.

Psoriasis Shout Out Roadshow

Find out more about Psoriasis Shout Out and the events we're involved in.

The Psoriasis Shout Out Roadshow

This month talkhealth will be advocating for an exciting new venture: Psoriasis Shout Out®.

Watch the trailer for this event & visit the website.

Find out all the information you need on this initiative run by The University of Manchester.

There are several fun and informative events to look out for. On June 18th, 2-4pm at Central Library, Manchester there will be a 'Let's Talk Psoriasis' session, chaired by Professor Chris Griffiths (Dermatologist and Director of The Manchester Centre for Dermatology Research) and then 'Look Good, Feel Good' where a renowned make up artist and fashion blogger will be available to share their expertise on how to dress well and feel good despite psoriasis.

talkhealth will be facilitating a Twitter chat later in June, offering you the opportunity to get advice and information from several leading psoriasis advocates and experts as well as the chance to talk to others affected by this condition.

Follow us on Twitter & Facebook to be kept up to date with this and our other exciting initiatives.

Linzi's psoriasis story

Read more about Linzi's psoriasis story.

Linzi's Psoriasis Story

I'm Linzi and I'm Scottish. I'm wee. I'm a redhead. And I have wee red spots, also known as psoriasis. Hence my online pseudonym of Weeredspots!

I have had psoriasis for nearly 9 years. At various stages I've had it on different parts of my body. My scalp has been a constant resting place for flakes and dry patches from day one. Under my arms and under my breasts are intermittent with the appearance of spots depending on the weather, my level of activity or what I'm wearing. During my worst flare up which affected nearly 60% of my body; my torso, arms, bottom and my thighs were completely covered in tiny, red spots.

...continue reading Linzi's psoriasis story here.

talkhealth's BSF Big Birthday Bake

Read more about BSF's Big Birthday Bake

talkhealth's BSF Big Birthday Bake

Last month we reported on how we were raising funds for The British Skin Foundation by participating in the Big Birthday Bake.

On Thursday 26th May the team here at talkhealth brought in a range of delicious baked goods to sell for this fantastic cause and we managed to raise over £67!

Want to get involved too? All you have to do is bake some cakes, brownies, or biscuits and sell them to your friends and family. Read more about the Big Birthday Bake.

Moderators wanted!

Be a talkhealth community moderator.

Volunteer Moderators Wanted!

We're recruiting for new volunteer moderators on our forums. If you have have knowledge of any particular health conditions or just want to support our community, this could be a great opportunity for you. Our moderators are an invaluable part of the support we offer to our members so, if you think you might have something to offer and fancy giving it a go, email us!

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